Supermarket & Shop Fittings Renovation

S&S Powder Coaters can offer a quick turnaround for the renovation of display equipment and shop fittings across Perth.

Supermarket wet areas such as refrigerated displays and fruit and vege shelves are especially prone to deterioration, but can be made to look as good as new within a couple of days.

We provide a one-stop service for the complete restoration of metal shelving, racks and display stands which includes:

  • pick-up of disassembled parts from your premises using our transport and driver

  • overnight chemical paint stripping and sandblasting to remove years of grime, rust, dirt and old scratched and flaking paint

  • zinc-rich epoxy powder coat primer for years of protection against corrosion – this is especially important in cool rooms, vege racks and refrigerated displays

  • tough, hard wearing top coat of epoxy powder coat in the colour of your choice

  • delivery of finished parts to your premises

We will work with you to turn your job around in a time frame that best suits your business to minimise trading disruption.

Restoration of your existing fittings is cheaper than buying new parts and ensures that everything fits back as it was without expensive down-time and the extra work and inconvenience associated with a complete refit. We currently powder coat new shop furniture and commercial refrigeration equipment for leading local manufacturers, so we are well-experienced in this field.