Renovation of Fences, Gates & Screens

S&S Powder Coaters can provide a complete one-stop service for the restoration and repair of metal fencing and screens that are past their prime.

Our service can include any or all of the following steps to suit your requirements:

  • disassembly and removal of your fencing, gates and screens

  • pick-up of fence panels and parts from your home using our transport and driver

  • in-house chemical paint stripping and/or sandblasting to remove rust, dirt and old scratched, faded and flaking paint

  • minor repairs, modifications and welding of damaged parts

  • all steel items receive a zinc-rich epoxy powder coat primer for many years of protection against corrosion; aluminium items that are close to salt water pools, the ocean or river should also receive an epoxy primer powdercoat for best corrosion protection

  • tough, hard wearing top coat of epoxy powder coat in the colour of your choice

  • delivery of finished parts to your premises for you to install, or

  • re-installation of freshly powdercoated parts with new bolts and screws where necessary

We will work with you to turn your job around in a time frame that best suits you. Restoration of your existing fencing is usually cheaper than replacement and ensures that everything fits back as it was without the extra work and inconvenience associated with a complete new fence. This especially applies to wrought iron. However, for tubular steel pool fencing, it is sometimes cheaper to install new materials, so check new pricing as well.

S&S Powder Coaters currently powder coats new fencing, gates and privacy screens for several leading local manufacturers, so we are well-experienced in this field.

You are also welcome to bring all your parts to our factory in Osborne Park for powdercoating. We will supply free packing and foam protection for the trip home if you want to take delivery of finished parts from the factory.