Our sandblasting room can make short work of removing old paint and rust. This also gives the powder a clean, textured surface for better adhesion and long-term protection.

Large steel structures, car bodies, trailers, large gates and fence panels can be blasted in-house.

Blasting media (garnet sand) is cleaned and recycled through an Australian-made air wash system that is fed by a screw conveyor and bucket elevator (made by Protoblast).

Powder Coating

Powder Coating

With the latest technology in Gema spray guns and two large spray booths, (four meters and nine meters long), we can deliver high quality powder coating on all parts, large and small.

Baking Ovens

Each of our two production lines has a gas-fired oven to handle jobs up to four metres or nine metres long. Continuous overhead tracks transport powdercoated parts from the spray booths, through the ovens to cool-down, inspection, packing and dispatch areas.

Cleaning and Pre-treatment

We have 7.5 meter long by 1.5m deep chemical etch, chromate and rinse tanks for pre-treatment of raw aluminium parts.

Our deionised water rinse tanks are continuously filtered and quality is maintained by our reverse osmosis water treatment plant. This plant recycles and cleans the rinse tank water down to conductivity of less than 10 micro-siemens/cm. (Our tap water is over 800 micro-siemens/cm!)

All of our cleaning and pre-treatment chemicals are sourced from SurTec. We use a non-carcinogenic Chrome III passivation process and rinsing tanks are deionised water for optimum performance.

Hot Caustic Paint Stripping

For painted steel parts up to 2m long that require stripping before powdercoating, we use our hot caustic bath, leaving them paint and oil free. We usually follow-up caustic stripping with a light sandblast for a perfectly clean fresh-metal finish before powdercoating. For brass or aluminium stripping we have a small tank which is safe on the substrates.

This process is especially useful for recycling and restoring supermarket shelving.