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As long-time car nuts, how could we not offer powdercoating for fellow car restoration addicts and petrolheads?

For sandblasting and powdercoating, we plug and mask threaded holes, studs, dowel holes, critical machined surfaces and bores to make your reassembly as painless as possible.

There is really no limit to what can be powdercoated as long as it is made of metal.

It is best to bring in parts that are reasonably clean of oil, grease and accumulated dirt so that we don’t have to charge you for cleaning. We won't sandblast oily or greasy parts because this contaminates our blasting media which in turn adversely affects the cleanlines of blasted parts for powdercoating.

Studs, seals, bearings and bolted parts should be removed or disassembled as far as possible. Rubber and plastic parts must be removed because they will not survive the 2000C heat in the baking oven.

We can carry out welding repairs to sheetmetal parts, brackets and frames if damage or rust is uncovered during preparation.