Care & Maintenace

To extend the life of powder coatings, regular care and maintenance should be carried out.

The effects of pollution, dirt, salt and Perth's strong ultra-violet light can all affect your powder coated surface over time.

Powder coated external surfaces should be cleaned occasionally to maintain appearance and the integrity of the coating. Cleaning every six months is good practice. However, if your powder coated product is in an area with high exposure to pollutants or high UV exposure, more regular cleaning (three monthly) is recommended.

Cleaning your powder coated surface:

    1. Remove any loose dirt or deposits with a wet sponge.

    2. Use a non-abrasive brush or cloth, a mild household detergent or car cleaning product solution to remove remaining dust, salt and other deposits.

    3. Rinse with clean water.

Detergents that recommend the use of gloves when handling should be avoided as this is a good indicator that the detergent is harsh, and may be unsuitable for cleaning power coating. We recommend to use a good quality car wash and wax or similar.

Although some solvents are recommended for removing sealants or other building residues, these may be harmful to the extended life of the powder coated surface and should also be avoided as the damage may not be visible immediately and may take up to twelve months to appear. If paint splashes, sealants or other residue need to be removed, then either methylated spirits, turpentine or white spirits may be used safely.