S&S Powder Coaters

Perth, Western Australia

Call us: (08) 9244 2881

S&S Powder Coaters is a family-owned and operated business located in Osborne Park just a few minutes drive north from Perth city.

We provide a high quality, cost effective and durable powder coating finish to aluminium, steel and other metallic surfaces, for a range of industries, trades and private customers all across Perth and the Western Suburbs.

In addition to powder coating, we also offer sandblasting and hot caustic paint stripping of painted items as preparation for powder coating or to prepare your parts for your own final treatment.

We also offer in-house welding and fabrication services by a qualified tradesman for the repair and restoration of broken, damaged or rusty parts.

S&S Powder Coaters provides powdercoating services to a number of local expert tradesmen and businesses.  If you need fabrication, restoration and repair services that are outside our own capabilities, we liaise with these specialists on your behalf to provide you with a one-stop service, or we can supply you with their contact details to put you in control of that phase of the work.

Currently unavailable.

We use our CNC plasma cutter to create decorative screens and fence panels in steel and aluminium.  Our range of stock designs includes wall art and garden sculptures as well as fence and screen panels.

Our sister company Presto Cut takes care of the design and cutting of stock designs and patterns or special jobs based on your images or designs.  Go to Presto Cut for more details.